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About the Artist

About the artist: Why portrait photography is my passion.
My love of photography started in high school, but only after college could I work on gaining knowledge and experience. I started with Landscape and Wildlife photography, and while I still love those, I have fallen in love with Portraiture. I especially love photographing children; their joy and laughter are magical. My journey to motherhood has also shaped my photography.
A few years ago, a friend gave me a little silver box on a pink leather wristband. It was a wish box. I carefully wrote out my wish, to have a child of my own, and put it inside. Several different obstacles meant that we needed to use donor egg IVF. The first couple rounds of IVF were unsuccessful, but in August of 2013, I gave birth to my beautiful daughter.
My husband and I decided we wanted a second child…a sibling for our daughter. More rounds of IVF and a devastating loss followed. Our last hope was the only embryo left. In January of 2016, I gave birth to my amazing son.
This has been a roller coaster of emotion, of medicines and more shots than I care to count.I know the joy of having a family and how hard sometimes it can be to get there. I have two amazing, wonderful children; I have my family and it all began with
one wish.
As both a mother and a photographer, I have loved capturing images of my family’s journey; I would love to capture your family’s journey too.