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“Let me love you a little more, before you’re not little any more”

-Michelle Thevenot

Children grow so fast! One moment they are tucked in your arms, safe and snug…the next they are flying through the room pretending to be their favorite superhero. Sometimes you just want to stop time…and you can! One Wish Photography is happy to help you capture these wonderful moments in yours and your children’s lives.


girl in mermaid print dress in a field of green grass with woods behind her, One Wish Photography, Children
Two kids coloring chalk onto pavement
Young girl in bright floral dress drawing with chalk on asphalt road, One Wish Photography, Children
Boy in red coat coloring chalk on pavement
Legs of children above chalk drawings on pavement
Black and white images of 3 kids hanging out on a couch, two are watching a tablet, one is jumping.
Girl with pink unidorn jacket makes angry face, One Wish Photography, Children
Boy playing with minature car set
3 kids playing tag outside

Outdoor Portraits

Girl in a field of daisies
Boy with leaf over his left eye in sunset
Girl in white dress in field of grass
Girl in white dress in field of grass
little boy iwth a spiderman shirt and an unhappy face
little girl acting shy
close up portrair of a young girl on steps
Three kids sitting on a brick wal