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Maternity Session Guide

pregnant woman in a burgandy gown sitting on a rock, One Wish Photography, Maternity
pregnant woman in a burgandy gown standing on a wooden footbridge near a lake, One Wish Photography, Maternity
closeup of a pregnant woman in a burgandy gown sitting on a rock, One Wish Photography, Maternity

Congratulations!  Expecting a baby is such an exciting and precious time in your life.  Your skin is glowing, your hair more voluminous and your body more curvaceous.  For many women, this is the perfect time to record that incredible journey to motherhood.  The following information is designed to help you look and feel your best for your photo shoot.

When to schedule:

Women look their best when their belly is the fullest and roundest it can be; between 28 and 34 weeks is considered prime.  Woman who are high risk or are pregnant with multiples should schedule their session to be completed before 30 weeks. 

Indoor / Outdoor:

There are two option for an indoor session: your home or mine.  The upside to having a session in your home is that you don’t have to go anywhere and you can easily change outfits.  The downside is that you have to clean (or I have to clean mine, lol!).  Other advantages are that you can shoot any time of the year.

Outdoor sessions are weather dependent. Here in the Pacific Northwest, that can make for an iffy proposition and the distinct possibility of a rain out or having to reschedule.  If the weather cooperates however, those can be some of the most visually stunning images due to the naturally amazing backdrops we have here.  My recommendation is to shoot outdoors if you can, but to plan for option B should the weather not cooperate.  Shooting hours are limited to sunrise and sunset, when the light is most optimal.


pregnant woman ltanding on a hill looking at Mount Rainier behind her, One Wish Photography, Maternity

What to Wear:

Choose clothing that makes you feel beautiful.  I recommend wearing fitted, stretchy clothing which will emphasize your glorious belly.  You also have the option of borrowing a gown from my Client Closet.   If I do not have gowns to your liking, please feel free to purchase your own.  I recommend either Sew Trendy Accessories or Baby Belly Wear.  Both companies make amazing, quality gowns that will photograph beautifully.  At your session, please wear or bring: seamless underwear and a strapless bra that matches your skin tone.  The bra cups should be smooth as any lace or embellishments will show through the gowns.

Other items to consider are:

  • Lace lingerie or bra/panty sets (for indoor shoots)
  • Tube or fitted tank tops to pair with non-maternity jeans.
  • Flowing or fitted summer dress.
  • button down sweater or cardigan, or kimono
  • Coordinating outfits for the family.  Clothing should be clean, simple and classic (button down shirts for dad and boys), preferably without busy patterns or graphics.   The more classic the clothing, the more timeless the images will be.
  • Accessories: scarves, vests, hats, and/or jewelry.  I also have a selection of accessories available to borrow.  You can see these in the Client Closet as well.
  • Additional items such as baby shoes, clothing, toys, or an ultrasound.  Anything that has special meaning for you.

Professional Make-up and Hair:

I recommend getting professional hair and make-up done if it is within your budget.  You will feel more beautiful and confident and your images will reflect that.  Fake lashes can make your eyes pop more in the images as well.  If getting professional hair and make-up is not within your budget or not something you want to do, date-night hair and make-up will work too.  This is a special time in your life, it is important that you look and feel your best; however you do that is up to you.