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Newborn Session Guide

newborn girl wrapped in ivory cloth on ivroy blanket in a wire basked, One Wish Photography, Newborn

Congratulations on your new little bundle of joy!  These first few days with your new baby are so magical, so wonderful and gone in a second!  I am excited and honored that you have chosen me to capture these memories for you.  Below are some guidelines to help make your session go smoothly.

When to book a session:

Photographing a newborn can be done anytime during the newborn phase, but to get the beautiful sleepy, curly images, the best time to have your session is between 8 and 14 days old.  Book your session well before you are due to give birth as schedules fill quickly.  Baby boys who have had circumcision should wait until seven days after the procedure to do their session.

What to expect:

Newborn sessions can last from 2 to 4 hours, depending on how comfortable or fussy the baby is.  The entire session will be geared toward the comfort and safety of your baby including having the room at a toasty 72 degrees.  We will also take breaks as needed for feeding, burping and diaper changes.  The session order will be: family (including individuals with mom and dad), siblings and then individuals with just baby.  Once the family and sibling images are completed, it is best that either dad or someone you have arranged to babysit take the older children away.  Kids have limited attention spans and if they stay it may disrupt the rest of the session.  I will have water or tea and some light snacks available for your comfort.

Preparing baby:

Please ensure that baby has all finger and toe nails clean and trimmed and that baby has been fed just before arriving.  Remove any remaining food or milk by wiping baby with a wet cloth.  Wipe away any snot or eye boogers.  The cleaner baby is, the easier it is for the photographer to get good images.  Bring extra bottles of milk or be prepared to breast feed baby during the session time.  Babies will often want to cluster feed during first few weeks of life and we want baby well fed and sleepy. 

Other things to bring are:

  • Extra diapers (more than you think you will need)
  • Extra changes of clothing
  • A blanket or two
  • Baby’s favorite toy or stuffed animal
  • Pacifier if you use one

Please let me know prior to the session if baby has any issues such as a healing circumcision, diaper rash beyond the pink skin stage, any sort of body rash, or a cold of any kind.  We may want to reschedule the session for baby’s comfort and safety.

Father, mother posing with their young son and infant daughter, One Wish Photography, Family, Newborn

What to wear:

Baby:  Nude is best to see those little fingers, toes and baby bottoms, but I have a small selection of outfits you can choose or you can bring your own.  I also have a variety of accessories (wraps, headbands and hats) to choose from. 

Mom and Dad:  Keep the color palette as neutral as possible.  Avoid busy patterns or graphics.  For Dad, a classic button down or polo shirt is great.  Be sure to trim and clean fingernails.  Shave with a fresh razor or neatly trim beard/mustache/goatee and keep watch for any stray wiry hairs.  Use shaving cream and after-shave moisturizer to avoid bumps and redness. 

For Mom: You are welcome to use a gown from my Client Closet or bring an outfit of your own.  Wear something that is comfortable but that you feel beautiful in.  A light, subtle application of make-up can soften and enhance your features.  Trim and clean fingernails and remove any polish.  Natural is better for timeless images.

Siblings: Clean hands, nails, teeth and faces.   Clean away any eye boogers or snotty noses.   Avoid giving kids any food or candy that will stain their lips, teeth or tongues for a couple of days before the session.  Please make sure that younger siblings have a nap prior to the session.  It is okay to bring snacks to use as “bribes”, such as cereal, crackers or candy that doesn’t stain the mouth or teeth.  Please, no chocolate…unless it’s for me. 

Sample of Newborn image for One Wish Photography. Newborn girl on twig bed with her brother next to her.